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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 2, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute i am rebecca cooper. before joining us. the jury and casey anthony beginpe could deliberations in. -- and casey anthony murder trial could begin deliberations soon. >> from day one, prosecutors have said caylee anthony was ed in cold blood. >> no one but casey anthony had ss to all of the pieces of evidence. >> premeditated murder, evidence they argue by computer searches
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casey anthony made for neck chloroform, the say we used to draw the toddler. >> i started looking up clore filled. pted me to look up chloroform. >> prosecutors toward the mony apart. >> did you find any references clar fill. >> no, ma'am. >> there was a popup that will eighing -- that were showing a skateboarder. >> the expert said, not e.ssibl results of athe pop up. a humane result of g specifically entering neck-breaking into the google rch box and pressing
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"searched." >> whether jurors convict casey to oney may come down question. believe thators casey anthony was doing searches on her computer, that could be premeditation the prosecution needs. >> closing arguments get underway tomorrow. side is expected to take half the day. juryit will be up to the -- and it will be up to the jury. friday, the editor and chief politico spoke about what dominate tomorrow's "this 's." >> christiana, a holiday weekend approaching, but washington is at full broil on the story out what is going to happen to raise the debt ceiling. how does president obama helped , if he did, with the
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news conference this week? >> depending on who you read, the general consensus is the president came out in a very feisty manner and many people say that is not how he has been isible a long time. his fans are pleased with the came out, but he really it to the republicans, telling them that they were children at doing their homework properly. in terms of substance, from his perspective, tried to set the ge between what he called the privilege and the ds.dle class nee think that is where they are going. we know the battle is over the raising revenue and whether that will be anything th in the nextwi several weeks. talking to economists and administration officials, to get moreng oncerned the further this goes. right now, the markets are not
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responding. they say we now know you have a lot of drama and public. and will get it done at the last minute. people say, what if hey don't? just the fault, it is making hard choices about who to pay and to not. china's debt or the social security check? >> you raised the question we d with, how much of this is a real showdown the cadaver consequences and how uch is ritual? what is your own best guess? is this a real showdown or ritual? >> i think it is a bit of both, because it has become a ritual the past several sessions. i am not sure forever america's e was this high close to the actual deadline. it is a high-stakes game of cken that we have seen over issues the last several
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big issues like this. i think people are concerned. both sides have very nationalist positions and are different to get a part. i think perhaps the american eople would be interested to know how much progress both say was made during the talks before they broke down and how it will be difficult to get over the final vote several yards and create a deal over this. >> tell us about the show sunday? take this opportunity, given the holiday weekend, centering around the freedom of this country, the birth of this country, and look at the constitution and rolled down. debate, the debt ceiling, the rise of the tea party has brought the center ason front and a real guideline to how the republicans want to govern. i think that is a very
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interesting perspective and it is a real thing we want to boil n and look at. take all of these issues, taxes, government, were power, the first amendment, care, and see how the constitution was written, is an original document that cannot be changed with an absolute blueprint, or whether it was always meant to flexibility. s fascinating. we will also look at the thorny issue of immigration. l talk to a panel on that. we have a reporter from the washington post who came out as any legal not so long ago. e will talk about what mayor omberg has talked about, which that is national suicide for the u.s. not to get to grips major immigration problem. interesting debate. this is a good weekend to talk
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t the big issues that affect u.s. and the economy. >> that is a show worthy of a cronkite award winner. we want to congratulate you on that big award. >> you are very sweet. what i strongly believe is any discussity to substance, policy, and see the different perspectives on real this, we try to grab that. the study week and will ovide us with that platform. >> happy fourth of july to you family. thank you, and you, too. >> "this week," every sunday at 10:00 p.m., right here on abc 7. the debate over red light ras continues. yesterday, care started snapping photos and fairfax city and alexandria. there may be more support for
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copper braziel enforcement ce than first thought. >> no blurry photos come these are recording video tape. this captures drivers making a turn on a red light. >> it slows traffic down and bably saves lives. >> i don't appreciate them, but if we are not obeying the law, get stung. >> 70% of drivers in d.c. support using the cameras at red lights -- 78% of drivers in d.c. it is >> closer to big brother care for. sometimes it is not your fault. >> i feel it is an invasion of privacy, but it does help me ning red lights. >> friday, two intersections in
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fairfax city will roll cameras, one in fairfax circle, the other university drive. in alexandria city, cameras will roll at three locations. th patrick and given street, patrick and franklin, and d south walker. >> i wish people would be more of the yellow. red is red. >> the next 30 days will be a grace period. you run a red light in xandria or fairfax city, you will not have to pay the $50. er that, that is what you will pay. still to come, a local man's war against drunk driving. plus, a major weekend at the box office.
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>> steve rudin and the belfort center,e weather showers and thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. t can we expect fo
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7 on your side with a bold plan to expose and embarrass rested on drunk driving charges. rff introduces us to the man. >> i love the old original
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newspapers. we have more of the front page dwi murders man. he launched a website. it parlays his experience with his passion. a hatred for people who drink and drive. >> they don't care. they have no respect for human life. >> he posts the names and mug e arrested ofl driving impaired. >> 20,000 names. 1000 pictures. >> he exposes identities and es' reckless behavior. >> this girl kills a pastor in south carolina. >> his goal is to convince just one person to be responsible. >> just call a cab. $25.
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>> 1000 people have died in area roads in the last five years dwi crashes, including this man is older ther, who along with his friend was killed while crossing ille pike. >> i cannot imagine a more traumatic way of dying. >> the driver is serving 12 rs in prison. the website has already been book marked by the grieving family. >> hopefully this will make a mark and expand people's knowledge about how horrible this crime is. >> this personalizes what is a horrible national tragedy. >> the motivation for ken goes far deeper than his desire for a fresh headline. little brother, jack, was killed by a drunk driver in 1975.
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79 at children's hospital in the district, 78 leesburg, laurel 77, high of 93. koehler off to the west, with showers. doppler radar, showers beginning to bubble up across washington, allegany counties, the panhandle across west virginia. showers the ground overnight, part of the cold front of to the north and west. will bring thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. 76 pittsburgh, 74 charleston, dew point increasing. tomorrow morning will feel a lot different than right now, lots more sticky outside because the level continues to increase. the frontal system dropping severe weather across ohio, lower michigan during the early evening. the frontal system stalls to the south and east tomorrow into the
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fourth of july. fairly confident it will remain y for the fireworks monday night. forecast, not so bad, chance of thunderstorms. clearing for the day monday. future-cast, the next 48 hours, showers move through, another line of storms to more. once this balz to the south, the skies clear, should be relatively quiet for the fourth of july. mostly cloudy tonight, isolated showers, some and that it thunderstorms. tomorrow, afternoon storms, 88- 93, and temperatures near 90 egrees for the rest of the rebecca cooper?
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the fourth of july weekend always big for a box office. "transformers 3," part shot in ashington, and i was in it. arch say?oes >> pull out the stops for story number three, including a moon landing conspiracy. enough action for a dozen normal movies. "transformers 3" starts with a
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great idea, the evil decepticons planted something on the dark of the moon, discovered by the astronauts and apollo xi. the plot to take over the earth. "transformers 3" as a parade of big names. the special effects push the envelope. two hours, 34 minutes running me, feels about one hour to g.n stars, pg-13. best new movie, tom hanks gets laid off and goes back to where he takes julia roberts's speech class. romance for grown-ups, 3.5 starkes, best new movie of the week.
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have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment.


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